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Who Is LinkShake For?

Create a LinkShake page that emulates who you are and what makes you unique.


Link listeners to your page on all the top streaming services with a unique link for each platform.


In addition to linking to your podcast you can embed an auto-updating player from Spotify


Don’t worry about any complex code snippets, you can embed your Twitch stream and other videos from your channel just by using the URL.


Get your blood tests delivered at home collect a sample from the news your blood tests.


Use a powerful bio link to give your customers the best experience when looking for your business.


By having all your social accounts linked in one place your visitors can easily find and follow you on their favorite platform.

Why LinkShake?

Here are some reasons to why you should use LinkShake.

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Connect with your followers with your own LinkShake page.

Fun and easy

Make and update a LinkShake website in minutes.
No design or web skills needed!

Launch Projects

Use a LinkShake website to start, launch or grow business
ideas, passion projects and promotions

How It Works

The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely.

1. Sign Up

Create a account to start using LinkShake.

2. Creator a page

Navigate to the dashboard click "Creator Tools" and select create ShakeLink page.

3. Add Content

Now you can start customizing your LinkShake page, dont forget to click update to safe your progress.

4. Share In Bio

when your finished with your LinkShake website you can take the link and put it in your bio.

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